Ethics Policy

Asian Journal of Diabetology adheres to the highest standards of integrity in the content that is published therein. The decision to accept the manuscript for publication is based on its importance, originality, clarity, and relevance to the scope of the journal.

The journal has formulated clear guidelines on manuscript submission.

Asian Journal of Diabetology publishes only original work that has not been published earlier. It strongly disapproves of the submission of the same articles simultaneously to different journals for consideration as well as duplicate publication and will decline to accept fresh manuscripts submitted by authors who have done so.

The manuscript submitted should be done so with the consent of all co-authors. All authors must declare that the manuscript or any part of it has neither been published earlier nor is it under consideration for publication elsewhere. It is now mandatory for any original research submitted to have approval from an NABH accredited Ethics committee for clinical trials.

Plagiarism in any form is unethical and therefore is unacceptable. The authors must ensure that the research and all materials used in the manuscript are original. Any manuscript found to be plagiarized shall be rejected. If the authors have used the work of any other authors, it must be correctly cited and permission has been obtained, where required.

Content published in the journal is peer reviewed. The journal has a well-defined peer review policy, which maintains the quality and scientific accuracy of the manuscript submitted. The guidelines require reviewers to give fair, unbiased and timely feedback of the article.

The journal requires the peer reviewers to disclose all relationships that could be viewed as potential conflicts of interest, which could bias their opinions of the manuscript.

To ensure transparency, all authors should include conflict of interest disclosure statement along with acknowledgement of all financial support for the research. If there are no such conflicts of interest or financial support to acknowledge, the authors should declare this saying that they have no relevant conflicts of interest to declare, when submitting the article. The authors should also include informed consent if the research involved human participants, and a statement on welfare of animals if the research involved animals.

The journal maintains confidentiality of all manuscripts and all information regarding the submitted manuscript including all communications with the reviewers and authors. The journal recognizes that the manuscripts sent for review are privileged communications and are the private property of the authors.